Automated facility Management
(the way you want it)


You decide who, when, and how your facility is used. Our system automates it.

Save Time

The system works for you. Scheduling, paperwork, communication, payments, and facility access can all be automated.

Risk Management

Signed agreements, insurance, waivers, indemnification, releases...our system can automate your forms and processes.

Digitally manage your facility in one simple place

Online presense

What are your goals for your facility? Are you a church that wants to use your facility to bring people closer to your organization? Are you a non-profit that wants to use your facility to fund raise to meet important goals? Are you a community center who wants to promote an active lifestyle? No matter what type of organization you are or the goals you have for your space, a properly structured online presence can help to make your space more available to those you are looking to serve.

If increased revenue is a goal, by making your sports facility schedule easily searchable, you will get more rentals for the available time you have. There are a lot of people, teams, senior groups, corporate programs and others looking for space to utilize. We can help them find yours. You have to cover the overhead costs of having a sports facility, and we can help make it a little easier to increase your utilization.

  • No more answering calls about availability
  • No tracking down insurance certificates
  • No handling payments
  • No managing schedules on paper, Excel, or Google docs.
  • We’ll even automate the distribution of your schedule internally for you so you can let others in your organization know when the doors of the gym need to be opened.
  • OnlineGymtime does all of that and more for you.

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How much time do your administrators spend answering the question, “Is your gym available?” The answer is, “A lot!” We help you make the time you want available, visible for the groups you want to serve. You can decide if the schedule is available internally, externally, or both. Once customers know where they can get the answer they will stop blowing up your phone. Now your staff can work on other projects which need to be handled. We will save you valuable time for running your business.

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Insurance, waivers, releases

Most organizations require teams to provide a certificate of insurance to rent their gymnasiums or sports fields. If that is your requirement, we can collect the COI as a part of our checkout process. Additionally, when you take a rental through the OnlineGymtime platform you have:

  • Up to $2m additional coverage on your facility for the period of the rental
  • Certification from the renter that all participants will have signed an electronic waiver against accident and injury claims
  • A system that distributes, collects and stores all waivers for all participants utilizing your facility
  • Visibility into the rating that the renter receives when they rented sports facilities in the past. For example, you will know in advance if someone received a low rating because their group left trash behind the last time they rented a facility.

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